Czersk July 01-09, 2019

Dispel the myth of a journalist

We have been participated in a youth exchange in Czersk from 1st of July until 9th of July. The project was about media and journalism and participants created many kinds of articles about their experiences. You can read these in this article and in the few following as well.

An article about Erasmus+

These are our favourite parts:

We really love all of the games, especially the city game because we got closer to each other, we could have a sightseeing tour. Czersk is really nice and people in this city are very kind and it was interesting to meet a new culture that we have not met before. It was also good to practice our English and get to know each other better.

We taught and learned intercultural dances.  And it was interesting to saw other dances. Some of them was really hard but we enjoyed it. We hope we won’t forget the dances and we can teach these dances at our hometown.

When we visited Gdansk we learn about the culture of this city and we saw a lot of places. We had a good time with our groups and in that moment we didn´t want to come back to the hotel again. One of us with her group visited the War Museum. (Flora Lauer) She really enjoyed the museum because she loves history. It was hard to saw things what happened with a lot of people in the past. Fortunately now we don’t have to suffer and fight with that kind of people. For me the museum has shown that we have to remember the people who died and we must not forget that we have a calm life because of them. In conclusion we really enjoyed that day.

Now we want to talk a little bit about the Erasmus+ programme. We are really lucky that we can be here because it’s a good programme. We can meet new people, practice English, see other culture and best of this project are the new experiences. The city is different so we can see new things and we can also learn and it’s important at our age.

It is an experience that we won’t forget because it was very exciting, extraordinary and educational. We will come back in the future.