Interview with Dezsi

Dispel the myth of a journalist III.

One of the participants was Dezső Hanuszik, who has been participated in plenty of projects, that’s why our journalists decided to make an interview with him as you can see it below.

  • What is your job and what do you do in that job?

I have a telework so I’m working at my home and I’m working in a company what is in my city and I’m network installer.

Some IT job, information technology job and I just create web pages and I start network manage on the Internet.

  • Is your job very difficult for you?

Maybe, yes.

  • What’s your hobby?

My hobby is some sports for example: football and running in every week.

  • Can you tell us about your experience associated with Erasmus +?

I have been nine projects before this project and I have been four times in Poland and sometimes in other countries and I have got some friends, some new experiences and I have learned new things about Erasmus + and about other countries and cultures. I have met new people.

How many countries have you visited? Which country is your favourite?

Romania, Slovakia, Hungary of course, Poland, Serbia and that’s all.

And my favourite is Poland.

  • Would you like to repeat this experience?

Yes, I would like to.