Our Erasmus + exchange so far

Újfenn Erasmus + cserén vett részt az Alternatíva Egyesület, ugyan magyar facilitálással, de ezúttal Lettországban, a varázslatos Cesisben. Természetesen most sem maradtunk cikkek, tartalmak nélkül, az elkövetkezőkben ebből szemezgethettek oldalunkon. Íme az első írás.

„Let’s write a story” is a Youth Exchange Project financed by European Union. It takes place in Cēsis, Latvia, and starts from 23/08/2019 till 30/08/2019.   About 50 youngsters from Italy, Latvia, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Poland come together to spend 7 days learning about media, learning other cultures and practising self-growth.

So far, everyone’s happy with acommodation here, and it seems like youngsters are already befriended everyone across countries.

The aim of the Project is to learn about journalism and media.

Every country has to make a workshop about  journalism. So far, the only Project we had was by Hungarian team, which was held by our facilitator Anna, who told us all about journalism. We made fanzines about different problems in Europe, most posters that youngsters made were about climate change. They motivated everyone to be better, stop using plastic bags and to take action!

Youngsters also had time to play a city orientation game in Cēsis. Latvians have been to the city and could help everyone with the game.

We asked a few of the participants about how do they like the projcet and that is what they said:

I like everything. I am happy because I am here with you and it is a good possibility for me to meet  new people- said Dezsi from Hungary.

I am glad that I am here. I am very happy that I can speak and improve my English skills- Oliwia from Poland.

It is a very good possibility beacuse I can improve my knowledge and I can visit Latvia at the same time. I think every youngster should join and try to take part in a youth exchange like this one- Zsofi from Hungary.