Crossing Lines at Tool Fair X

MédiaKommandó was at the tenth Tool Fair which is an international meeting of youth workers, and was held in Budapest between 8th and 12th of December.

The event is organized in another country each year, so it was a special occasion for the Hungarian organizers to bring this event into existence. The slogan of this year’s Tool Fair was “Cross the line” which was the task not only for participants, but for trainers
and facilitators as well – even the organizers had to and could successfully manage to do this task. Participants had the chance to get to know each other, learn new methods, try the tools of each other, exchange ideas and contacts. We were also proud to take part of this fantastic event and though our main activity was mainly gathering information, we also had the chance to learn new ways to approach the youth, and we were honored to get the
opportunity of documenting this special event. We also had the chance to cross some lines, and though we worked with some delay, we also learned a lot because it’s always about learning.

Please check our interviews with the organizers: Bernard Abrignani, Davide Tonon, Ildikó Gulácsi and Jonathan Bowyer

Our photos of the Tool Fair can be found below. Also, check out our instant newspaper of the event, after the galleries.

First day:

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Second day:

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Third day:

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